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We are going to be completely honest. Fashion is one of the dirtiest industries around. And we want to change that. In a whole bunch of ways. Using organic cotton is one, and it means more than you might think. Here's a few cool facts to start your day.

One conventional T-shirt contains 165 grams of pesticides and fertilisers. Garments produced with organic cotton contain zero. This is great news to Mother Earth, to the farmers and their families, and to your own skin.

The water usage in growing organic cotton is actually 91% lower than that of conventional cotton. Most organic cotton is grown on rain-fed farms – meaning there is no irrigation. The soil is healthy and holds water 50% more effectively than conventional soil. Also nice to know since there are major water shortages around the world.

And for all of us who worry about climate change. Growing organic cotton saves 46% of CO₂ compared to conventional cotton.


Pretty nice, right? Knowledge is cool. And what's even more cool – it makes real change.


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