A changing world


Our world map is being redrawn. And not just in the most exposed places on Earth. Recently, the classic glacier-covered southern peak of Sweden’s highest mountain Kebnekaise was beaten by the northern peak as the highest point. A symbolic proof that the climate threat knows no bounds.
When we talk about the consequences of climate change, we often mention areas in which dramatic environmental impacts occur. Rising sea levels, severe storms and devastating droughts. Of course, they are terribly serious but unfortunately often dismissed as extreme examples. The truth is, that all parts of the world are already significantly affected.
Sweden is often highlighted as a model country in the EU in terms of environmental improvements. But the climate doesn’t care much for that, which the melting glaciers on the Kebnekaise testify. The climate’s consequences are global and it is only by global action that we can effect significant change.
We all have to look ourselves in the mirror. Do we want to preserve our glaciers? Do we want to go out and experience a living nature? Do we want our planet to be passed onto future generations?
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