Act now


The current climate crisis is the worst environmental problem humanity has ever faced. Simple as that. In just a few years we will no longer be able to limit the damage.

Do you get the feeling that our world is proportionately concerned?



“Without action, the world’s average surface temperature is likely to surpass 3 degrees centigrade this century. The poorest and most vulnerable people are being affected the most.” This is how the UN Sustainability Goal 13, Climate Action, describes the situation.
At 3°C global warming, one of the biggest threats will be sea-level rise. An estimated 275 million people worldwide live in areas that will eventually be flooded. Reduced harvests, lack of food and water, and collapsing ecosystems are other consequences that we are already seeing.
What we do now will have aftereffects for a long time. Even if we would stop all pollution today, most of the damage is still to come. So friends, we are running out of time.

We must act now.

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