Fast fashion is fast failure


Are you aware that more than 100 billion pieces of clothing are being produced every year? That’s nearly 14 new apparel items for every person on Earth. Three-fifths of it will end up in landfills or incinerators within a year. Let's change this destructive behavior.
Not only does fast fashion consume vast material resources, it pollutes our environment and uses up huge amounts of energy and water. Only because of a cynical short-term mindset. But we all have the ability to go from ‘a fast fashion mindset’ to a long-lasting approach. All it takes is a small change of behavior.
First of all, choose organic, recycled and fair.

Sustainability is always about minimizing the impact on the environment, people and animals. 
Choose quality clothing.

It will not only last you longer, but the better craft, look and fit makes you want to use it longer.
Wash carefully.

To begin with, do you really need to wash your clothes as often as you do? Probably not. A couple of days in the freezer will often do the trick. But when you do wash, wash cold and wash organic.
Value your clothes.

Enjoy your clothes and regard them as important artifacts in your life. When they need care, maintain and mend them. After all, there are lots of resources and craftsmanship hours invested in them. When you actually decide to part with them, leave them for recycling or reuse.
We believe real fashion should withstand the test of time. 

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