Improve something – every day

“I come from a family business with a pretty long history in textile production – 50 years now. We, as a family, came to the conclusion that there is a disease in this business that we want to help cure. Companies are profiting from poverty and we just cannot look away from this anymore. We can see the pollution in our environment that this business has a big part of and we feel this has to stop – now.”

“This is why we have developed our company to make a difference, and to challenge the conventions in the textile industry. The amazing thing is that along this inspiring journey we have met so many other people, organizations and companies all over the world who all share the same beliefs. They have all been a huge part of our success, progressive friends taking action will always be.”

“To stay true to our cause we're constantly on the lookout for new sustainable innovations. We are in constant progression and are always making sure that we are doing things in a better way today than yesterday. We feel it is our obligation to be in the forefront when it comes to new sustainable solutions, and truly believe that this is the only way forward. For all of us.”

Share our vision. Stay true.

// Mads Mørup, founder and CEO

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