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Facing the great environmental challenges of our time, good choices are needed in this world. True to our greater commitment, we look beyond our company and our products to make change.


By sharing knowledge, we believe we can get people to make better, more informed choices. We call this mission our KnowledgeCotton Apparel universe.


Academy talks, interviews and presentations are important opportunities to get the message out there. We also invest in knowledge sharing at schools and universities, and assist with paper writing. We believe it's vital for the future generations to learn about sustainability and how to run a business based on a sustainable model.


All kinds of initiatives that share our goal of promoting sustainability should be a part of our universe. This is why we sponsor events and awards, and engage in collaborations with our friends of knowledge. Because as we see it, knowledge is our universe.





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SHOP KCA Approved palm-printed linen shirt here >>

SHOP KCA Approved palm-printed linen shirt here >>

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