The new movement



There is no turning back. Now is the time when everything comes to a head. Look around. The global movement is a fact. Search within yourself. Are you in?



KnowledgeCotton Apparel were the first movers in sustainable fashion and we intend to continue to lead the way. Over the years we have proven that the need for clothing doesn't have to be at the expense of people's well-being or the ecological systems upon which all life depends.



Together we can minimize our footprint: when we produce the raw materials and when we manufacture and distribute the clothes. And not least, when we consume and use the garments. We must each and everyone take responsibility for the things we can affect. And it's a lot, if we begin to look ourselves in the mirror.



We see clearly a new movement. A will to take action. There is a need to believe in a new tomorrow – and we can sense the refreshing spirit of actually believing we can change the world together.



Let’s take action

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