The recycle of Life


Wanna hang out on a coastline like this in the future?  Each year, about 10 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the ocean. That’s the equivalent of one truckload of garbage being tipped into the sea every minute. A nightmare, right? But we can change that. The answer is recycling.  

Our goal here at KnowledgeCotton Apparel is to have recycled more than 4.5 million plastic bottles by 2020. The PET (polyethylene terephthalate) material is actually a very good recyclable resource. It can be reused many times. And is widely accepted in recycling programs globally. This recycling significantly reduces energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.  

In fact, recycled polyester made from PET drinking bottles have been part of our collections for many years. In 2016 we took the next step and introduced a fully certified supply chain in accordance with the Global Recycle Standard (GRS). This means we can label our products and give consumers the reassurance of a reliable and traceable supply of recycled materials.


PETJacket         PETjacket2

Reversible Jacket in 100% Certified Recycled Polyester

We believe that when we share knowledge, people are more likely to make better, more informed choices. Good choices are needed in the world, especially considering the challenges we are facing such as climate change, deforestation, contamination, lack of water, use of pesticides, waste, overconsumption and plastic pollution.

GRS is the world’s leading certification standard for recycled textiles including both ecological and social criteria. GRS covers every step in the production process from the fiber to the finished garment. Recycled polyester made from PET drinking bottles has been part of KnowledgeCotton Apparels collections since 2016. 

Please keep up the ‘recycle of life.

rainjacket       rainjacket2

Rain Jacket in 100% Certified Recycled Polyester


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