The spirit of '69



The movement. The magic. The very idea of ​​being part of something bigger – sharing a belief that we can actually change the world together. This is how we want to convey the vibrant spirit of 1969. A time when people came together to create something new. Something beautiful and shared, that often stood in stark contrast to the rigid ideas of the past.


We live, again, in a time of change. At a time when so much is at stake. But also, at a time when opportunities may never have been greater to bring about change. It's a crucial moment, we need to search deep into our human souls.


We may have to face the most difficult challenges for it to happen. Still, we clearly feel that there is something in the air. There is a movement. A will to take action. The need to believe in a new tomorrow. We can sense the magic vibes again, just like 50 years ago. Woodstock. The moon landing. The Stonewall uprising. Solidarity among humanity. The refreshing spirit of actually believing we can change the world together.


Looking in the rearview mirror, there is no coincidence that KnowledgeCotton Apparel was born out of the 1969 spirit. From the very beginning, the family business was characterized by a different way of thinking. A different way to relate to the industry, to the farmers, the producers, and the consumers.


Fifty years of innovation have created a unique company spirit. A set of values based on respect, and a relentless desire to always move on, gain knowledge, develop new ideas and take our concepts further. It is in our DNA to lead the way. But also to help push the industry forward and to stand up for the belief that we can make a difference together.


Will 2019 be the year when humanity again takes crucial leaps towards a better world? Is 2019 the new spirit of ’69? We firmly believe it can be. And our 50-year heritage shows that we will do everything in our power to make it true.





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1969 - Jørgen and uncle Henry

1969 - Woodstock

1969 - Stonewall uprising

1969 - Moon landing - NASA

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