Consumer care

Up to two-thirds of clothes’ carbon footprint occurs after you take it home. We guaranty you to take care of the first part, then we hand it over to you, to make a positive impact yourself.

Here are some easy ways to make a difference

Only wash as needed

A day in the freezer might help to refresh your denim or neutralise smelly shirts – the freezer is an environmentally friendly solution that is gentle on the colour and fabric. If you need to get rid of small stains, wash the garment by hand.

But if you must use the washing machine, try using the 30-degree setting. This is better for both the environment and your clothes as heat can break down the fibres. Or even better, choose an eco-labelled detergent and don’t use too much of it. Do not use softener as it has a harmful effect on the environment.

P.S. As all our garments are toxic-free and pre-washed, you don't need to wash your garment before you wear it the first time.

After washing, skip the dryer

Line drying your clothes saves 70% carbon emissions every time and prolongs its lifespan. The lint you find in your dryer is evidence of your wardrobe literally wearing away. When you stop using your dryer, you’re conserving your favourite clothes and saving the cost of replacing them before their time. If possible, avoid ironing your clothes.

A second life for your garment

Around 1 million tonnes of fashion waste are generated every year. This is equivalent to 5% of landfill space. It’s in our hands to fix this problem – so let’s use, reuse and treat our garments well to increase their lifetime.

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