Earth Day

Earth Day

Once again, we have been reminded of our extreme vulnerability. Of how we are all interconnected in a global system of coexistence. And how fragile the system is when we interfere with Earth’s elegant balance in any way. The system strikes back. Mercilessly. A warning, giving us a cruel insight into what lies ahead.

In times like these, we become painfully aware that we have nowhere else to go. There is no escape. This planet is our home. Our beloved Mother Earth. If we want her to continue to take care of us, we need to start taking care of her. By practicing respect and taking significant action. However generous she might be to us, there is a limit – and we have reached that limit now.

We cannot continue the way we do and believe we will get away with it. Only very few haven't realized this by now. Global action is needed – today. Or frankly, already yesterday. But we still have a chance to restore our honor to Mother Earth, to all the living animals, to the vast oceans, to the mighty forests, and not least to all the future generations to come. There is simply no other option.  

To us, every day is Earth Day. And we want to be part of the great 50th anniversary of the Earth Day movement on April 22nd, sharing its vision for change. Thank you all for making a difference. 

And to all our friends out there, please take action. Take care of each other.

And take care of our precious Mother Earth.