Feels good inside

We all have our reasons for doing what we do. Something that is a common driving force among those who take action to bring about a change is that it feels good. It brings a nice, warm feeling to try and make things better.

Once you've started down that path, you want to continue. There is no going back. The rewarding feeling of making a difference simply opens the door to greater, and more honest, experiences.

The power of community

Over time, we've seen Knowledge become so much more than a responsible clothing brand. Today, our suppliers, retailers, consumers, ambassadors and fans, together with those of us who work at the company, form a great community. A movement where we are all driven by the respect for people and nature, and a desire to make the world a better place. There is a powerful force in that belief. And the power is nourished by the rewarding feeling of us walking the true path together.

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How does it feel

Those of you who wear a Knowledge outfit may feel a sense of satisfaction that you are contributing to reasonable living conditions for farmers, to fair wages for textile workers, and to the least possible impact on the planet's resources.  Many of our ambassadors are happy to partner with a company that allows them to stay true to their ethics – proud to represent a brand determined to be game changers in the fashion industry.

We who work at the company get a boost every time we succeed in doing things a little better today than we did yesterday. It doesn't have to only be the big things like becoming a carbon-positive company, it can be about a collaboration with a local Indian cotton farmer who we can help convert to organic farming.

Warms your body – and your heart

Every little bit of progress is a big win for us. And every step forward makes us want to take the next step, and the next, because it feels rewarding to work for a cause much greater than ourselves. 

We want that feeling to be present in our products. When you wear our brand mark, the owl, you should feel true and honest from the inside out. The clothes should not only warm your body – but also your heart and soul.

Knowledge feels good inside.