We are Knowledge - Brand book


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With this book we want to share the philosophy behind our endeavor. The very mindset that drives us every day. Our view of a sustainable lifestyle.

By exploring our magnificent planet we gain knowledge about the great challenges we’re facing. Being in touch with nature is our way of staying authentic and evolving in a responsible way.

As a clothing company, we cannot change the world alone. But we are determined to be a game changer in our own business.

Join us on our journey – bringing you closer to nature.
We are Knowledge. And this is our story.

This book is printed on one of the world's most environmentally friendly papers.

Scandia 2000 is made at Lessebo Paper Mill in Småland, Sweden. It is manufactured from timber, harvested from environmentally certified Swedish forests and grown in close proximity to the integrated pulp and paper production facility. The minimized transport contributes to low carbon dioxide emissions. All production site energy is produced from 100% biomass fuel and renewable excess energy supply district heating to local homes.

Scandia 2000 has a considerably smaller carbon footprint than that of standard paper and is considered a green paper choice.

100% ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free)
ISO 14001
Approved for The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

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