Pile fleece – your perfect outdoor companion

Pile fleece is back in style, and it’s not hard to understand why. Combining functionality with fashion, it brings the spirit of the great outdoors to everyday life. The soft, warm and cozy feel makes it the perfect companion for any outing. You don’t have to be a pro adventurer to benefit from an active outdoor lifestyle – just go outside and let your environment work its magic on you. Increased endorphin and dopamine levels, boosted immune function and reduced stress are just a few among the many favors nature has to offer.

As you are well aware, we live way beyond our means today. Our ways of consuming just do not work anymore. We have to start treating our planet as if we intend to stay. And it starts with responsible resource management, for example the use of recycled materials.  

Our pile fleece products are all made from 100% Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester, reducing environmental impact significantly – 85% less chemicals, 59% less energy and 37% less carbon dioxide compared to conventional or generic fiber. Additionally, the whole range of pile fleece is certified by The Global Recycle Standard (GRS), which is the world’s leading certification standard for recycled textiles, and covers every step in the production process – from the fiber to the finished garment.

Find your perfect outdoor companion among our pile fleece jackets, vests and anoraks – in bold colors or earthy tones that blend perfectly with nature.


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