Show your true colors

True to nature’s own way of creating balance, we strive to eliminate all harmful chemicals in our products. Natural dyeing is doing just that. The colors of the Nuance by Nature™ range are selected and perfected by the greatest designer of all time – Mother Nature herself.

The natural dye is 100% organic, originating from plants and herbs. Good for the environment and safe for children and allergic individuals. The higher UV absorption also protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Environmentally friendly process

As innovative as this may seem, it is really a matter of going back to ancient dyeing methods, which we used thousands of years before chemicals made their entrance in the 1850s. Sometimes you have to look back to find the right way forward.

Our natural dyes are drawn from natural resources through a 100%
eco-friendly practice where only water is used in the extraction process. It is often food waste that is being used for the natural dyes. Even the residues from the process can be used as a bio-fuel or natural fertilizer.

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Nuance by Nature™ features 

Pants, jackets, tees & sweats:

• Certificate: GOTS grade 1 / Vegan PETA

• Composition: 100% organic cotton


• Sand – made of hibiscus tea

• Beige – made of walnuts

• Blue – made of black beans

• Light grey/green – made of black carrots

• Green – made of spinach

• Off White – made of ground turmeric


The natural dyes are certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).


Why choose natural dye?

• Natural dye is non-carcinogenic and not harmful to the environment, while many conventional garments are dyed from synthetic dyes derived from petroleum.

• Natural dye clothing is non toxic and non-allergenic. Many natural dyes also have antimicrobial properties, making them safer for kids in particular.

• A rather unexpected advantage of natural dyes is that they provide higher UV absorption in the fabrics. By wearing clothes dyed naturally, you are actually better protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

Colors from plant sources

The Nuance by Nature™ range is an important framework in our sustainable innovation strategy. By increasing natural dyes from plant sources we can reduce the use of valuable fresh water resources and limit the harmful effects of the effluent from the chemical dyeing industry.

Now you can show your true colors. Discover our tees, sweats, pants and jackets featuring natural colors from hibiscus tea, walnuts, black beans, black carrots, spinach, and ground turmeric.


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