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World of Knowledge / News / Knowledge in Hossegor
Recently we've opened up our second concept store in France. The first one premiered last year in Le Marais in Paris. This time the setting will be the surf paradise Hossegor on the French Atlantic coast.
We’ve had a pocket shop in the area for a few years and we know that our brand is strong within the active, sustainable lifestyle here. Being in harmony with nature’s elements, being close to the sea and the international surf culture comes natural to us. Here we meet people who share our view of sustainability and we want to honor this attitude.
We have launched a full scale concept store featuring a complete range of clothing for Men, Women and Young. All the garments are produced by certified manufacturing partners using sustainable methods and materials. 
Sustainable innovation is a guiding principle that also applies to the retail concept itself. Completely based on carefully selected materials and minimal energy consumption, the store concept is a key aspect of the company’s approach to designing and developing for a better tomorrow.
The Knowledge store in Hossegor will be run by local partner Quentin Pitot supported by The Clothette agency. It is located at 60 Place Louis Pasteur, 40150 Hossegor.

Thank you Hossegor for sharing our vision!
60 Place Louis Pasteur, Hossegor