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At KnowledgeCotton Apparel we design and develop for a new tomorrow. 


With the Spring / Summer 2021 collection, we reach yet another great goal in our work for clean and fair fashion. For the first time, our urban outdoor clothing range will be available to everyone – both men and women.


Since day one, women have been a substantial part of our Knowledge fanbase. Pretty amazing, since we’ve only made men’s fashion. It has always been a dream of ours to one day be able to present a carefully crafted women’s collection – based on the same certified manufacturing partners, responsible methods and materials as our men’s collection. That day has now come. 

When we create something we do it with full focus, to ensure all aspects of social and environmental responsibility – and to show that we are completely serious and uncompromising in our ambitions.

Consequently, we are launching a complete women’s fashion range from day one. Casual or dressed up, the comprehensive collection should appeal to all the women out there who want to take a stand. With carefully drafted elements from all parts of our sustainable innovation framework, there are profiled solo pieces as well as complete matching outfits available for all styles and activities.

Sustainable fashion is no longer a question of morals; it’s about being relevant for today’s and tomorrow’s consumers. Creating a women’s line has been on our agenda for years. In times when our market is going through a massive transformation, we see it as a great opportunity to bring about change. Thereby launching a forefront sustainable women’s line.

Determined to be one of the game changers – we take action through sustainable innovation. We don’t want to leave out half of the world’s population from our great journey. We believe Knowledge is for all. Now it can be.