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Original handmade wooden skateboard by Urskog. The Knowledge edition skateboard cruiser is a double kicked 8.7" wide and 33.5" long cruiser – perfect for all terrain skating.

The Knowledge edition setup has Theeve Trucks and North Best Co. bearings and wheels. Choose between three different truck models and four different wheel types to setup and design your ride the way you prefer.

• Theeve CSX - Standard skateboard truck
• Theeve TiAX - Lighter and stronger version of the CSX truck featuring Titan axles
• Theeve TiKING - Titan axles with a hollow Titan kingpin makes it a lighter version of the TiAX truck.

• NB5 55mm/78a - a small wheel created for skateboard cruising and various flat tricks
• NB1 59mm/78a - a soft wheel designed for smooth transportation and various ollies
• NB2 70mm/78a - a wide wheel perfect for a comfortable and long distance cruise
• NB3 70mm/78a - a narrow version of NB2 perfect for sliding

Equipt with the North Best Co. Abec 7 Black Industrial Bearings.

All skateboards are signed and numbered. Made in Sweden from Eco-responsible veneers.

Style no. 99419
Color: Item Colour
Quality: Marketing materials

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