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Designing for tomorrow

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Tomorrow’s consumers not only demand quick access to new designs, they want to know that production doesn't occur at the expense of ecological and social balance.


We greatly welcome this modern and aware consumer behavior. Even though we have a long history of pursuing sustainability issues in the textile business, it is only now that the social and environmental issues are really starting to have an impact on consumer behavior.


We are perfectly clear about where we stand in this as a company. At KnowledgeCotton Apparel we design and develop for tomorrow – for a new world where the conditions, opportunities and requirements have changed.


We are aware that only the brands that can satisfactorily meet the new expectations will be relevant tomorrow. And we are determined to be one of the game changers. Innovation, responsibility and transparency are our keys to success – a sustainable future for the world we live in.


We design for tomorrow.

We’ve always placed innovation at the heart of our business. We believe in sustainable innovation to make change. All our garments are produced by certified manufacturing partners using sustainable methods and materials. It’s fundamental.