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World of Knowledge / Stories / Fresh water challenge
Did you know that the cotton used in one conventional t-shirt requires up to 2,700 liters of water to grow? That’s enough for one person to drink for two and a half years. You’ve probably realized already. Conventional isn’t good enough. 

Even though water is the most common substance on earth, 97.5% of it is salt water. Out of the 2.5% fresh water, less than 1% is available for drinking. 

By 2050, half of the world’s population will be living in areas where access to water is limited. 90 percent of all population growth will happen in regions where there is currently no sustainable access to water. 

We all run on water. Reliable water supplies are vital for our ecosystem, our agriculture, and our daily survival. We need to really start focusing on sustainable water consumption, not least in the clothing industry. 

The water usage when growing organic cotton is actually 91% lower than that of conventional cotton. Most organic cotton is grown on rain-fed farms – meaning there is no irrigation. The soil is healthy and holds water 50% more effectively than conventional soil. 

Help protect our fresh water resources. Go organic now. 
Text: Bläck & Co and KnowledgeCotton Apparel
Photo: Viggo Lundberg