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World of Knowledge / Stories / Small enough
As a fashion company we're not really among the big guys, meaning we're small enough to do things differently. This makes us flexible and innovative. It enables us to produce specific product lines, choosing new responsible materials and technologies. And to partner with genuine suppliers and innovative entrepreneurs.
In fact, our way of working is rather unique in this business, since it is quite the challenge commercially. However, since our mission is to put responsibility in the front seat, there really isn’t anything that prevents us from doing the things we believe in. We intend to go the distance and do the things we want to share with our conscious consumers.
To make sure we are constantly developing and getting better at what we do, we believe in surrounding ourselves with friends, organizations and partners who are the best in their respected fields. It forces us to challenge ourselves, push our methods and mindset, and makes sure that we stay innovative.
As you probably figured out by now, we believe in change. And we think that many people share this attitude. Together we can turn knowledge into action and make real change. Let's share our visions – with respect for people and the environment.
Text: Bläck & Co and KnowledgeCotton Apparel
Photo: Viggo Lundberg