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Sustainability is the core of our business

Here at KnowledgeCotton Apparel, we believe in sustainable clothing that makes a difference. To us, fashion is much more than the fabrics we wear on our body. It is also about respect for people and the environment.


From the very beginning, sustainability has been at the core of our business. Motivated by our 1969 heritage, we make clothes that take a stand. Our mission is to provide the conscious consumer with sustainable fashion choices, without having to make any compromises when it comes to style, comfort or quality. Staying true to our cause, we make timeless, long-lasting products and promote clothing that is as clean and as natural as possible. All our garments are produced by certified manufacturing partners using sustainable methods and materials. It´s fundamental.


What motivates us

Clothes are a human necessity. We all need them. But how often do we stop to think about the impact our clothes have on the environment?


We have been in the textile industry since 1969 and have seen the inner workings of an industry that is responsible for making a huge impact on both the environment and on the well-being of people and animals. Our take on this is to make people aware. To inspire people to make responsible choices that will force the clothing industry to change. At the same time we want to present an authentic alternative - quality clothing for a sustainable lifestyle. Born out of the refreshing 1969 spirit that we can actually change the world together, sustainability has never been a question for us.

Los Angeles, California.
Text: Bläck & Co and KnowledgeCotton Apparel
Photo: Markus Crépin Sundström