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Sustainable fashion has become trendy. In many ways it is amazing that the approach we’ve had for decades is now suddenly on everyone’s lips. The only thing is that often it’s just all talk.

Surely you have seen a host of “green initiatives” popping up in fashion lately. Despite the creative taglines, the products and production processes are rarely based on knowledge and verifiable facts. Much of it may seem legit at first glance, but on closer inspection it often turns out to be based on ill-founded statements and even greenwashing. Companies want to ‘run a green race’ without having either the knowledge or serious ambitions to build a sustainable business. As so often, it's all about the money.

But what exactly is sustainability in fashion? To begin with, it has never been about a trend. For us, it is about doing the right thing. About being aware of the effects our business has on all levels; for nature’s resources, climate, people, animals and even the economy. Every decision we make, small or large, is filtered through the sustainability aspects.

Through transparency and by working with legitimate third-party certifications, we can show that we are determined to make a difference. It is a matter of credibility. This way everyone can form their own knowledge-based opinion. Because knowledge is the key to a sustainable future. Not trendy campaigns.

As a consumer you should dare to ask questions. Go beyond the polished green surface. It shows pretty fast if there is any substance behind the nice words.

Knowledge is consumer power.
Text: Bläck & Co and KnowledgeCotton Apparel
Photo: Antonin Charbouillot