Regenerate nature

Regenerative organic practices work to maximize carbon fixation in the ground by increasing carbon-rich soil organic matter. This creates a drawdown effect of CO2 from the atmosphere, actually reversing the greenhouse effect. Where does a clothing company like KnowledgeCotton Apparel fit into this picture, you might wonder? In the farming villages of India’s Adilabad district, to be precise.

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Regenerative organic farming avoids synthetic inputs and GMOs, using cover crops, composting, crop rotation, and diverse planting to improve soil, biodiversity, and yields. It enhances food security, conserves water, and increases carbon storage. It also stops the spread of desertification and helps prevent deforestation, which are major threats to the climate.

Agricultural communities benefit greatly from these practices as they become more resilient to climate changes. The holistic approach of regenerative farming focuses on keeping the soil healthy, while also ensuring the well-being of farmers and high standards for animal welfare.

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397 farming families and counting 

Being a company that depends largely on cotton production, we fully embrace the concept of organic farming and do everything in our power to speed up the global development.

As of today, KnowledgeCotton Apparel has helped convert 397 of its cotton farming families in the villages of the Adilabad district in India to the highest organic standard: Regenerative Organic Certified®. In total, this corresponds to 901 hectares of land and 1 090 000 kg of raw cotton harvest.

Yet, our work has just begun. Our future mission is to, village by village, support another 800 farms in converting to regenerative organic cotton farming.

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Steady as a ROC™

The Regenerative Organic Certified® initiative, led by the Regenerative Organic Alliance (ROA), promotes holistic farming practices based on USDA's National Organic Program and other recognized criteria.

Our company has never steered away from its route. KnowledgeCotton Apparel is now licensed by the Regenerative Organic Alliance to produce clothing made from Regenerative Organic Certified® cotton – something very few companies in general and so far only three clothing manufacturers have achieved. This shows that our many initiatives truly matter.

Regenerative Organic Certified® is a revolutionary certification that sets the global benchmark for soil health, farmworker fairness, and animal welfare, ensuring the highest standards.

To us, any other standard going forward is simply unacceptable. Because what looks good on the outside, must feel good on the inside.