With the warm season, demand for linen products also increases. It's hardly a coincidence. The linen material has several unique qualities that make it a natural choice. Both for its characteristic style and comfort properties, but also because it is a responsible choice of material.

The reason that linen clothes are particularly popular during the summer months is partly due to the fact that the fabric breathes better than many other materials. The hollow nature of flax fiber allows the air to flow comfortably through the garments and thus cool you down nicely. Linen fabric also features extremely good moisture-wicking abilities. When you sweat, the material absorbs moisture and body vapors and effectively transports it away from the skin, so that you always stay dry and comfortable.

Many people appreciate the linen clothes for their relaxed, casual appearance. The garments are very easy to care for and do not need to be ironed, the light natural wrinkles just add style and character. Linen fabric is also durable and hard-wearing, up to three times stronger than cotton, which gives the linen garments a longer lifespan.

From a sustainability perspective, linen products are among the best you can choose from. The natural fiber comes from the flax plant which is very resistant and can grow in poor soils with little fertilization and irrigation. In practice, almost the entire plant is utilized and any residual products, even the finished linen garments, are naturally biodegradable.

Linen clothing has been used for thousands of years and it is easy to see why the versatile material has always kept up with the times. Just as timeless as it is innovative. Of course, all our linen clothing is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) which is the leading standard for certification of organic textiles. GOTS considers both environmental and social aspects of the production process – all the way from fiber to finished garment.


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